Q&A Questions in this week (01/17/23)

Q&A Questions in this week (01/17/23)

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Date Category State Topic Membership Tier
1/11/23 Nonexempt Trip CA The mileage and transportation time should be paid if nonexempt work from another location (i.e, client site)? Gold
1/11/23 Cell Phone CA In emergency, should employer allow employees to access mobile devices? Bronze
1/12/23 Discipline CA  Discipline by reduced salary or suspension. The difference for Exempt and Nonexempt. Bronze
1/13/23 Compensation CA Compensation Survey Gold
1/13/23 Minimum Wage CA California州のMinimum Wageについて Bronze
1/13/23 Employee Handbook CA Create a new employee handbook Project
1/15/23 COVID-19 LA City of LAのCOVID-19 Paid Sick LeaveはExpireしますか? Silver
1/16/23 Employment Verification CA Employment Verification Letter Bronze
1/16/23 Wage Notice CA Bronze
1/17/23 Internship CA Employer need to provide Paid Sick Leave or Medical Insurance to paid intern? Bronze
1/17/23 Overtime CA Employer must pay 2times overtime for Saturday or Sunday working schedule? Bronze
1/17/23 COVID-19 CA Please advise the recent COVID-19 rules Bronze
1/17/23 Bonus All Should employer pay bonus if an employee resigned during evaluation period? Bronze
1/17/23 Vacation Cap CA If employer did not provide 1.5 times or 2.0 times vacation cap, what is the risk? Project



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