Questions in this week (12/29/22)

Questions in this week (12/29/22)

Date Category Topic Membership Tier
12/21/22 Court Order How to procced with Court Order for withholding Silver
12/21/22 Wage How to pay Exempt and Nonexempt Full time employee when Employer adjust working hours during holidays? Silver
12/23/22 VISA VISA support to the newly hired newly graduated Bronze
12/23/22 Salary Adjsutment Salary adjustment for 2023 Bronze
12/23/22 Health Insurance Health Insurance for Dependent Bronze
12/23/22 Compensation Compensation Data for Expatriate from Japan Bronze
12/23/22 Hiring Minor Hiring minors in California Bronze
12/26/22 SDI + PFL Questions about Maternity Leave (SDI and PFL) Bronze
12/26/22 Warning Warning letter Bronze
12/26/22 SDI + PFL CA PFL and San Francisco Parental Paid Leave Bronze
12/27/22 TAX Employee Rentention Credit Gold
12/27/22 TAX IRS notice 797 Gold
12/27/22 Termination Termination during Workers Comp benefits Bronze
12/28/22 Minimum Wage Minimum wage in Los Angeles County Bronze
12/28/22 Multistate Law The difference of California and Texas Employment Laws Bronze
12/28/22 Business Trip Policy Business Trip Policy Bronze
12/29/22 Employee Handbook Employee Handbook Bronze
12/29/22 Employee Handbook Employee Handbook Project
12/29/22 Minimum Wage Minimum Wage + Local Ordinance Bronze



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