HR Q&A (04/04/23)

HR Q&A (04/04/23)

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Date Category State Topic Membership Tier
3/29/23 Bonus Bonus for Nonexempt and overtime recalculation Bronze
3/29/23 Minimum Wage CA Minimum Wage + Local Ordinance Bronze
3/31/23 COVID-19 CA Exclusion pay is not required any more? Bronze
3/31/23 Employment Verification CA Employment Verification Letter Bronze
4/1/23 Tip CA Can employer stop Tip payment to the employee who were late for working hours? Project
4/1/23 Termination CA How to deal with the employee who don’t show up and  we cannot contact for more than one week? Bronze
4/1/23 Overtime CA How to calculate overtime Bronze
4/1/23 Final Paycheck CA How to pay final paycheck in California Bronze
4/3/23 Zoom Meeting CA Zoom Meeting Silver
4/3/23 Health Insurance CA 給与が発生していない従業員の医療保険料自己負担分について Silver
4/4/23 Performance Appraisal CA How to conduct performance appraisal Silver
4/4/23 Salary CA Salary survey for 2 positions Silver
4/4/23 Remote work CA Remote work from abroad Gold
4/4/23 Offer Letter CA How to Rescind an Offer Letter Bronze
4/4/23 Zoom Meeting CA Zoom Meeting Bronze


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