HR Q&A of the week (02/21/23)

HR Q&A of the week! (02/21/23)

Date Category State Topic Membership Tier
2/15/23 Verification Letter CA Verification of Employment Letter Bronze
2/15/23 Paid Sick Leave CA CA Paid Siveck Leave rule Bronze
2/17/23 Termination GA Termination /Termination Meeting/Termination documents Bronze
2/17/23 Child Labor CA How to hiring minors Bronze
2/17/23 E-Verify CA What is E-Verify? Bronze
2/17/23 Unemployment CA How does Unemployment Insurance work and how is UI Rate determined? Bronze
2/19/23 Health Insurance HI In Hawaii, Does employee need to fill out HV-5 if the employee waive Health Insurance? Bronze
2/19/23 Military Leave CA City of San Francisco Military Leave Gold



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