HR Q&A (08/15/23 TUE)

HR Q&A (08/15/23 TUE)

In this page, only questions are posted. If any members with advisory contracts have similar questions, please feel free to contact the following email address:

Date Category State Topic Membership Tier
8/9/23 Offer Letter CA Offer Letter draft Silver
8/9/23 Workers Comp CA Can a terminated employee submit workers comp claim during work period after termination? Bronze
8/9/23 Probation Period CA Probation Period can be set as 6 month or 1 year? Bronze
8/9/23 Probation Period CA Can we hire after Probation Period formally? Bronze
8/9/23 Resignation CA Unemployment Insurance will be paid if an employee resigned? Bronze
8/9/23 Termination CA The reason we should avoid termination on Friday. Bronze
8/9/23 Benefit CA Can we offer life insurance only for employees who work 40 hours per week and not offer to J-1 VISA or OPT student? Bronze
8/9/23 Pregnancy Leave NY Pregnancy Leave & Paid Family Leave Silver
8/9/23 Introductory Period CA Introductory Period is outdated? Bronze
8/9/23 Salary Survey CA Salary Survey 2positions Gold
8/9/23 Phantom Stock TX Phantom Stock Silver
8/10/23 FSA CA Can an employer charge an employee for the balance of a health care FSA if the individual’s employment ends midyear? If not, how can employers limit risk? Bronze
8/11/23 Marijuana CA Marijuana Policy Bronze
8/11/23 Hiring Documents CA Hiring Documents Bronze
8/11/23 Termination CA Discharge or Resignation (or Constructive discharge?) Bronze
8/11/23 Pay Stub CA Electronic Pay Stub Bronze
8/11/23 DIR CA DIR hearing Bronze
8/14/23 Exempt CA Unpaid Leave calculation for Exempt Employee Bronze
8/14/23 Compensation Day CA Compensation Day for Exempt employees Bronze
8/15/23 I-9 CA Can employers specify which documents employees should provide for I-9 verification? Bronze
8/15/23 Paid Parental Leave NH What percentage of employers does provide paid maternity leave? Project
8/15/23 Meal Break CA Can employees leave early without meal break? Project




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